Individual MT Sessions

One hour sessions starting Monday-Friday

Receive tailored music therapy sessions once a week that fit your needs. After no more than two assessment sessions, during which you will have the opportunity to discuss goals and get to know your therapist, you will embark on a musical path toward rediscovery, improved skills, and healing. 


Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT)

Coming Soon

For a simple cure in hearing, symptoms of Autism, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and other special needs, this individualized, 10-day treatment is evidence based and proven to work. For those interested in a FREE assessment and consultation session to determine eligibility and payment options for Auditory Integration Training, do not hesitate to sign up! Currently offering services in-home! For more information, visit here.


Coping Skills

Coming Soon

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just beginning to explore better ways to cope with daily stressors or illnesses, this class is designed to help you learn how to improve your quality of life. This class will utilize a variety of music to help you develop and hone a variety of coping skills that work for you. 


Leg Up on Early Childhood

Coming Soon

For the youngest members of our community, this class is perfect for any child who needs assistance in developing key, need-to-know skills. Your child will learn social skills such as taking turns, leadership, conversational skills, language, and using please/thank you. Concepts like loud/soft and pre-kindergarten activities including sequencing, auditory processing, and following directions will also be covered. 


Start a Band

Coming Soon

Open to adults and adolescents of all abilities and musicianship, this programs provides individuals with adapted music lessons, creates 4-5 member ensembles, then records each in a professional, in-house studio. Through this fun, social environment, individuals work on social skills, self-esteem, following directions, listening skills, team work, and decision making.


Drum Circle

Coming Soon

Open to students of all ages and abilities, this class encourages team work and non-verbal communication to explore positive self-expression, social skills, and dynamics to name a few. Whether your beating on a bucket, rattling a cabasa, or playing the spoons, all are welcome to jump in and create. 



Coming Soon

Embrace the present moment through deep breathing exercises. Learn to reduce pain, anxiety, and stress by turning your focus inward. Engage in discussions with classmates about better ways to practice these techniques at home and what music, if any, helps you achieve inner peace.