Imagine the Possibilities

This being my first post, I would like to take a moment to make perfectly clear the limitless opportunities available to Hands Together. This isn't meant to be a side-project for a few individuals to discuss changes they'd like to see in the world. It's an invitation to all professionals, students, free-thinkers, innovators, artists, and scientists, to reach out, speak up, and engage.

More specifically, Hands Together was created to act as a vehicle for music therapists to discover new avenues and possibilities to positively affect the lives of those who struggle to overcome. While my focus and experience is primarily in music therapy, my hope is that Hands Together will attract an ongoing and evolving collaboration of a much larger community. With that said, I'm sure in time we -- that is the accumulating and involved members of Hands Together -- will revise and improve upon this first and tentative mission statement.

Hands Together: Empowering individuals to overcome personal, health, and psychological hurdles through participation in musical creativity.